Weight gain

The patient presents to the clinic today for ALCAT testing. She has issues with aching and numbness in both lower extremities from the knees down to the toes. She has symmetrical symptoms than the intermittent. Her pain level ranges from 2-6/10 in intensity on visual analog scale associated with this. She has no history of diabetes mellitus. She does have hypothyroidism stable on current medication for this. She has had testing for poor circulation and no abnormalities have been found. She does work on her feet all day and is obese. She has a history of allergies to food as a child and underwent immunotherapy. She also is obese and has been unable to lose weight despite diet and exercise. She has intermittent rashes on her torso that are unexplained. Her symptoms of pain in the extremities are progressively getting worse.

Weight gain.
History of food allergy.

I recommend comprehensive platinum ALCAT testing for food intolerance that may be contributing to her symptoms. She will continue with her Synthroid and TriCor medications through her primary doctor. We will see the patient back in two weeks and discuss results of her testing.


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