Vasomotor rhinitis

Patient comes in for his annual recheck. He states that since last time we saw him, he has been doing very well. He continues to use fluticasone nasal sprays one spray each nostril daily in the evenings to help prevent sneezing and postnasal drip. He finds that this medication helps him significantly. He denies any problems with sinus infections or other infections through this winter or nasal bleeding. He has been overall quite healthy in this last year. He did unfortunately have a heart attack about 12 months ago. It was a mild heart attack but he currently undergoes cardiovascular therapy and takes some medications for this. He otherwise has no other health changes since last time we saw him. He denies any troubles with the medication or needs for more medication. We have been seeing patient since 1985 and he was tested at that point to have some various seasonal allergies, but has great relief from his symptoms with the nasal spray.

1. Allergic rhinitis.
2. Vasomotor rhinitis.
3. Coronary artery disease status post myocardial infarction.

1. We will continue with Flonase nasal spray one spray each nostril daily. He likes to get this prescribed in three months supplies. So, I have done so and given him four refills. He likes to go up to for summer months all the way through October. He will be heading that way soon. He states that if he has any concerns, he will contact us and let us know; however, he does not suspect that he will have any troubles with this medication as he has been doing this for quite some times with great relief.
2. We will follow up annually. If he needs anything else from us, then he will certainly let us know.


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