Polyarticular osteoarthritis

This is a 48-year-old male patient who presents to the clinic requesting ALCAT testing. The patient’s primary complaint is inability to lose weight and weight gain. He also has joint pains in his knees, ankles, and elbows and lower back pain. His weight tends to fluctuate going up and down. He is able to lose weight, but is unable to keep the weight off. It comes back. He does exercise but his eating habits are irregular due to nature of his job. He is a police officer and tends to eat on the go. His weight is currently 233 pounds and five years ago the weight was 205 pounds. In high school at age 18, his weight was 155 pounds. He has had some chiropractic in the past and nothing recent mostly due to the work schedule and he has history of restless leg syndrome.

Weight gain.
Polyarticular joint pain.
Polyarticular osteoarthritis.

I would recommend comprehensive ALCAT testing to determine if he is having food intolerances that may be contributing to his weight issues and arthralgias which may indicate an inflammatory process. I have suggested to him that he return to seeing the chiropractor. I will see the patient back in approximately two weeks with the nutritionist to go over the results of ALCAT testing and develop a dietary plan for the patient.


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