Matters My Daughter and I Enjoy Concerning Our ADHD

Matters My Daughter and I Enjoy Concerning Our ADHD

I gave my girl ADHD.

In the beginning, this revelation almost ripped us apart. The more I must know that the good sides of ADHD, the more I was able to see it being a gift. Having the diagnosis has helped me to support and enable my daughter as she goes on her own journey of living with ADHD.

However, I haven’t always seen it as a positive thing.

My daughter, Seren, was just six years of age when she had been diagnosed with ADHD, stress, and oppositional defiant disease four years ago. When the psychologist read the three main faculties of ADHD — hyperactivity, distractibility, and impulsivity — my heart sank.
As a mother, I had this overwhelming feeling of remorse: Why is something that I did wrong? Could we cure it? Would she live for this forever?

The psychologist handed me a book to read about the illness, and once I started reading it, I had the biggest”lightbulb” moment — I realized that I had ADHD, too. Finally, the past year, I had been diagnosed with it all myself.

For a moment, I sensed broken. I felt sad for Seren, knowing that she would live with this particular disorder for the rest of her entire life. We saw a great number of experts, all who believed that they might”fix” her. It had been a time I won’t ever forget. This is the reason why I wrote my book. I needed other parents going through exactly the same thing to know that these weren’t alone. And, more to the point, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Locating the light was crucial for me personally. Instead of emphasizing the downsides, I began looking at the positives of ADHD. I read books, blogs, and listened to podcasts — and I came to realize that if ADHD was managed correctly, it could be turned into a boon! Knowing that was key to finally getting rid of my guilt along with supporting my daughter from visiting ADHD being a beneficial thing.

How we choose to Consider the”negatives”

The 3 major characteristics of ADHD are hyperactivity, distractibility, and impulsivity. Society views these negatively, but because of my own experience, as well as my research — including insights from ADHD expert Dr.  –, I now see these as presents.

Hyper Activity

Hyperactivity, as an instance, is simply having high energy … and that doesn’t want that?
Having higher energy levels as a grownup is a boon, and these kids will just be children for an extremely short moment. Would you like them climbing up feeling just like having elevated quantities of energy can be really a bad thing? She’s not able to sit. I really don’t encourage her to avoid because I’m the same. We are both active, busy, and also on the move — but that’s amazing, and ought never to be regarded as a bad thing.


When you turn impulsivity on the own head, an individual might say that it provides you imagination. And that is only one among Seren’s best gift ideas! You can not be an innovative person and maybe not be impulsive. You can not plan to say or creativity, “Tomorrow, I will awaken and become super creative” You’ve got to just go with this.

Many of earth’s most acclaimed musicians and writers are well-known for producing their famous masterpieces at the middle of the nighttime. And speaking for myself, nearly all of my blog entries are written at the strangest places and at the strangest situations. Nevertheless when I feel that the urge, I go with it!
I tell Seren she gets got the very amazing mind, which she can work with to complete and create wonderful things — which she often does, for example, painting, writing, and maybe creating her own contortion moves. (Seren can be a self-taught contortionist, and we simply have impulsivity and HyperFocus to thank for that!)


Seren has ever needed to touch everything and anything she sees. It was able to drive me crazy until I realized something: She sees the world such a beautiful manner and wants to research it. She has such a lust for life, and that she feels through signature.

She’s curious about the world, and in most situations in a youngster’s lifetime, they aren’t allowed to be”curious.” Usually, we don’t allow our kids the freedom to research because we’re afraid for their safety and even afraid of what we’re believing. I’ll admit, a couple years ago, I myself had been finding this side of the hard to handle. But now I’ve learned to simply accept that this is only that she actually is.

The apple does not fall far from the tree, and when I look back on my life, I find those characteristics in me personally too. Leaving home early, travel, changing careers — and I only have”fascination” to thank you for this!

Finding approval

When I was able to view the following three major faculties through a good lens and watch them for the gifts they are, our own life changed in a sense I could not have imagined.

Truly it allowed me to realize that the ADHD diagnosis itself is faulty and that we as a society tend to just focus on the destructive sides of labels. ADHD is much more than this and knowing and believing this has had such an incredibly positive impact on Seren. We’re pleased to have ADHD.

I believe that ADHD kids are here in order to improve things. To alter the old-fashioned parenting and instruction processes. They’re here in order to heal used to make us note we have been given this child for grounds. It can occasionally take time, so be patient with your travel. However, I promise you: On the opposing side of this fear and negativity, you are going to find acceptance and love.


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