Lumbar spinal stenosis

The patient is here for initial evaluation of chronic leg and low back pain. Her neck pain has becomes much better since the last time she was seen in the office, but the back pain that is radiating down the leg has come back. She has responded well to transforaminal injection in the past. Last time, she discussed with Dr. about possible P-STIM procedure. She usually takes half tablet of Percocet, but she uses very sparingly. Pain level she 0/10 in the neck and 5-6/10 in the back. She denies any other change in her past medical history, surgical history, or review of systems.

Lumbar spinal stenosis.
Lumbar radiculopathy.
Cervical spondylosis.

I discussed different options with the patient. The patient has shown a good response to transforaminal epidural steroid injection in the past; however, the patient is more keen in getting a P-STIM procedure and wants to discuss that with Dr. and I told that the patient to follow with Dr. about discussing a lumbar epidural steroid injection versus a P-STIM procedure for her back and leg pain. The patient will continue to take Percocet half tablet on as needed basis for pain.


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