Lumbar disc displacement

This is a 33-year-old female patient who presents to the clinic today for evaluation regarding neck and lower back pain. She was referred by Dr.. She is complaining of neck and lower back pain with pain radiating down in both upper extremities with numbness and tingling and pain into the bilateral buttocks and hips. She was in a motor vehicle accident on 09/21/11. She was a restrained driver and was involved in a head on collision when a car was turning left and turned in her front of her car causing a collision. Her airbags deployed. She did not lose consciousness. She was not treated at the emergency room. She saw a family doctor initially after the accident. In the past, she has had previous motor vehicle accidents, but did not have the neck or back pain prior to this. The pain is described as stabbing, constant, and continuing. The pain is made better with chiropractic therapy and medications. Pain is worse with sleeping. She has been going to chiropractic therapy since September 2011 and has seen some improvement. She denies any past injuries to the cervical and lumbar spine.

Cervical disc displacement.
Cervical radiculopathy.
Lumbar disc displacement.

We recommended upper and lower extremity EMG study to rule out cervical and lumbar radiculopathy versus peripheral neuropathy or posttraumatic neuropathy versus plexopathy. I recommended she continue with chiropractic care at this point. I am requesting the approval for the EMG study to determine whether she is having a discogenic source of pain that could be treatable with pain management interventions.


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