Left hip joint pain

The patient is here for follow-up visit for her left anterior hip, left leg, and foot pain. Since she started physical therapy, the pain has become a lot better, but she still is in pain. The pain she feels in the left anterior aspect of the hip joint as well as in the back. Her MRI of the hip was normal, but showed a cyst in the ovary and small Tarlov cyst in spine. MRI of the left hip showed mild hip DJD. She states the pain is 4-5/10. Otherwise, there are no other changes in medical condition or social history since last visit. The patient also has a history of fibromyalgia.

Left hip joint pain.
Myofascial pain syndrome.

Since the patient is still in pain, I will schedule the patient for trigger point injection in the above mentioned muscle. The patient will continue with physical therapy three times a week for four weeks. I will decide the further course of treatment depending on the result of physical therapy and response to trigger point injection.


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