degenerative disc disease

The patient is here for follow-up of her chronic low back pain. The persistent numbness and tingling going down to her left extremity. Last time, I started the patient on Cymbalta, but the patient told that it was irritating her stomach and she does not want to continue with that. Pain is presently well managed with a combination of Roxicodone and Mobic. With medication, she has good quality of life. She denies any memory impairment, oversedation, nausea, itching or high with medications. Pain level without medications is about 6 to 7 and with medications it becomes 4. Otherwise, there are no other changes in medical condition or social history since the last visit.

disc herniation.
degenerative disc disease.
Lumbar radiculopathy.

We will discontinue Cymbalta. The patient will continue with Roxicodone 70 mg one tablet q.6h. p.r.n. for pain along with Mobic on a daily basis. We will see the patient back in one month.


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