The patient comes in today for initial consultation for ALCAT testing. Her current complaint is weight gain and ability to lose weight. She has gained 25 pounds. She has gas, bloating associated with this with meals. She has acid reflux with meals and chronic constipation. She has had this for years and is progressively getting worse and wants further evaluation and treatment and feels that her foods may be affecting her. She also has itchy dry skin, numbness and tingling in fourth and fifth fingers and joint pains. The numbness and tingling are made worse while she is sleeping. She does work on a computer all day typing. She has had no treatment for the above issues other than diet and exercise for weight loss.

Gas and bloating.
Weight gain.
Carpal tunnel syndrome.

I recommended comprehensive platinum ALCAT testing. Venous puncture was done today and we will send the blood off to the lab for analysis, which she takes two weeks and then will have her follow-up in the office with nutritionist to discuss result and develop a diet plan. I would recommend wrist brace at night for the carpal tunnel and ergonomic changes to her desk at work. Symptoms did not improve, we would recommend she come back to see us for possible nerve conduction study.


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