Gas and bloating

The patient is here for follow-up of evaluation of complaints of acid reflux symptoms, gas, and somatic complaints of chronic cough, stuffy nose, inability to lose weight, headaches, some watery eyes, anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and multiple joint pain and aches. The patient said that she has these symptoms for many years and is questioning whether any association with food tolerance will be causing her symptoms. She is finding difficult to lose weight also. She has a history of acid reflux, headaches, joint pains, and chronic fatigue and insomnia for the last several years.

Gas and bloating.
Joint pain.

I think the patient is an excellent candidate for ALCAT testing for food intolerance. The patient will have blood drawn. We will follow up and review the test result. The patient gave consent to the blood drawn for ALCAT testing. Four 4.5 mL of tubes were obtained from the right antecubital fossa. The patient tolerated the procedure well. Bandages were applied over the phlebotomy site. Tubes were labeled appropriately with the patient name and date and packaged for shipment. The patient will return to the office in two weeks for the ALCAT test results.


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