Diabetes mellitus

The patient comes in today for a follow-up visit. He continues to have pain in both lower extremities related to diabetic peripheral neuropathy. He is scheduled to have an EMG study as well as begin peripheral neuropathy protocol. He was started on Neurontin 300 mg at night and that has been helping with some of his symptoms. It has lessened some of the intensity of the pain, but has not affected the numbness and tingling. He has some minimal drowsiness in the morning related to taking the Neurontin. He has noticed no other side effects. His pain level is 8/10 on visual analog scale. He denies any change in his past medical history, past surgical history, medication history, allergies, family history, social history, or review of systems. He denies any change in characteristics or nature of his pain.

Peripheral neuropathy of the lower extremities.
Diabetes mellitus

We will continue the Neurontin 300 mg one q.h.s. I will schedule him for the EMG studies of the lower extremities and plan on proceeding forward with the neuropathy protocol for treatment of his diabetic peripheral neuropathy. We will recommend continue his diet control of his diabetes mellitus.


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