This is a 58-year-old male patient, who presents to the clinic today for ALCAT testing. The patient has been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. He has symptoms of diarrhea, gas, and bloating following meals. He also has had a weight gain of 50 pounds. He is unable to lose weight despite diet and exercise. He has fatigue on a daily basis and has associated decreased testosterone level. He has muscle aches and pains in the multiple areas including the neck, lower back, right shoulder, and joint pain in the hands and knees. He has associated anxiety and depression, but is not taking medications. He has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2 and is taking medications related to this. He has had these symptoms for a number of years without significant improvement with treatment.

Irritable bowel syndrome.
Polyarticular joint pain.
Polyarticular degenerative joint disease.
Weight gain.

We will recommend comprehensive ALCAT testing. His ALCAT score is 47. I believe cutting out foods and substances that he might have an intolerance to may help with some of the symptoms. Venipuncture was performed today. He will follow up in two weeks with nutritionist for review of results and nutritional planning.


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