Chronic anal canal pain

The patient is here for a follow-up visit for chronic pain involving his anal canal. He is going to see a new doctor to see if there are any other possible options. Patient says the only thing to help him is Percocet, which he takes four times a day along with the stool softeners. His pain level is 5-9/10 on VAS scale. With the help of the pain medications, he has better quality of life and functional at work. There is no memory impairment, oversedation, or constipation. There are no other changes in the past medical history or social study since the last visit.

Chronic pain syndrome.
Chronic anal canal pain.

The patient will continue with Percocet 5/325 one tablet four times a day p.r.n. for pain. The patient will follow with the doctor. I will see the patient back in follow-up in a month.


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