Bilateral knee pain.

The patient is a very pleasant 52-year-old disabled white female with chronic bilateral knee pain, left greater than right. She has significant medical history including 25 pelvic surgeries for cervical cancer in addition to failed spinal cord stimulator implant which ultimately required explanation. She has a history of foot pain, hip pain, and back pain in addition to her knee pain. She presents today for consultation regarding knee pain treatment options.

1. Left greater than right knee joint pain; suspected O. A.
2. Multiple other pain complaints including low back pain, hip pain, and foot pain.
3. Severely deconditioned
4. History of cervical cancer with 25 pelvic surgeries.

We will enter her in the viscosupplementation protocol which includes physical therapy as well as regimented series of intraarticular hyaluronic injection using image guidance. We will see how she does over the next two weeks and then would like to see her back for follow-up next month.

She understands the treatment today is specifically tailored to her knee pain. She understands that she does not have bone-on-bone degenerative osteoarthritis as noted on her plain films from three months ago and that there may be another abnormality that we may need further imaging such as MRI.

She was very happy with this visit today and we will see her back for continued treatment as scheduled. She was discharged to home neurologically intact and in stable condition and understands to call with any questions or concerns.


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