Bilateral foot paresthesias most likely related to diabetic peripheral neuropathy

The patient presents today for follow-up. I initially consulted with him back on May 20, 2013 for his bilateral foot paresthesias most likely related to diabetic peripheral neuropathy. He is a non-insulin-dependent diabetic for the last 25 years. He underwent EMG of the bilateral lower extremities with Dr. at my request and the results are available today. He has no new complaints. He presents with his wife today for evaluation.

Peripheral neuropathy; most likely diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

The patient states he is not having pain, just a loss of sensation in the bilateral feet. He ambulates with the use of a single-point cane. He states that the Neurontin, we tried him on, did not really help much but did have some side effects including fatigue and he discontinued using it. At this point, he understands there is no cure for his symptoms and is not interested in interventional therapies including P-stim, neuromodulation, and sympathetic blockade and peripheral nerve block.

He will continue to exercise at home on his own and understands that if he would like to move forward with any specific type of treatment, to give us a call and we can move forward as aggressively as he would like.

He was happy with his visit today and I wait to hear back from him if our service is needed.


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