Allergic urticaria

This is a 38-year-old female patient, who presents to the clinic today for ALCAT testing. She complains of multiple symptoms related to the intakes of food. She has noticed various reactions to foods including grains, milk, fruits, molds, and sugar. Her symptoms range from constipation, gas, bloating, wheezing, sinus congestion, chest congestion, muscles aches, and itching. She was diagnosed recently with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and has been taking a T3 and T4 compounded medication for this. She has severe fatigue on a daily basis and consistent basis. She has constipation and anxiety. She has anaphylactic reaction to sulfa products. She has sinus congestion and runny nose with intake of food. She has severe itching after ingesting chocolate and sugars. She has had these symptoms going on a number of years and they have progressively gotten worse. She has found no alleviating factors for this.

Chronic fatigue syndrome.
Gas and bloating.
Adverse food reactions.
Allergic rhinitis to food.
Allergic urticaria.

We will recommend comprehensive ALCAT testing given severity and nature of the patient’s symptoms and complaints. Venipuncture was performed today. She will return to the clinic in two weeks for review of results with nutritionist and for nutritional counseling and planning.


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