Allergic rhinitis

This is a 14-year-old female patient, who presents to the clinic today for ALCAT testing. She is complaining of migraine headaches that occurred about once a year with associated cranial nerves III palsy producing ptosis in the left eyelid. This began in 2005 and occurs about once a year. CT scans, MRIs, and spinal tests have all been negative. She has extensive workup by neurologist and specialist with no identifiable cause. Her symptoms lasted for three to four days, most recently on 07/15/2012. The paralysis of the left eye persists beyond the headache, but fully does recover. She has chronic anxiety issues as well as fatigue and stuffy and runny nose. She has itchy, watery eyes, chest congestion, lethargy, restlessness, irritability, and mood swings. The pain is sharp and stabbing and 10/10. Symptoms are elevated with time, rest, and icepacks to the head.

Migraine headache.
Allergic rhinitis.
Chronic fatigue.

Given the severity of the symptoms she is experiencing, we will recommend comprehensive ALCAT testing. Venipuncture was performed today and sent to lab. We will see her back in two weeks for review the results with nutritionist and nutritional counseling and planning. ALCAT food chemical and sensitivity survey score was 27. So, we will recommend extensive or comprehensive testing.


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