Allergic asthma

This is a 36-year-old female patient, who presents to the clinic today for ALCAT testing. She complains of increased symptoms of shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing following ingestion of certain foods. She has also been having weight gain of 20 pounds in the last four months. She has had previous gastric bypass surgery and still having weight gain. She has gas and bloating following ingestion of meals. She has joint pain in the hands and knees. She is also experiencing severe fatigue on a daily basis.

Weight gain.
Gas and bloating.
Allergic asthma.
Polyarticular joint pain.
Chronic fatigue syndrome.

We will recommend comprehensive ALCAT testing. Her ALCAT score was 32. She should benefit from dietary alteration to reduce pro-inflammatory mediators that may be causing some of her symptoms. Venipuncture was performed today. She will follow up in two weeks with a nutritionist for dietary planning and counseling.


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