Acute-on-chronic bilateral sacroiliitis

The patient presents today for follow-up at the practice. She has just concluded her day’s treatment with Dr. From her history, she has a significant scoliotic deformity but has had no recent films. Her primary complaint is severe stiffness and pain below the beltline bilaterally. She comes in today for evaluation.

Current medications include vitamins only.

1. The patient states advanced scoliotic deformity; no recent imaging.
2. Acute-on-chronic bilateral sacroiliitis.
3. The patient states a history of osteoporosis.

We will obtain thoracic plain film with scoliosis protocol in addition to lumbar films with flexion and extension views. I would like to see her back for follow-up afterwards, but in the interim, I would like to get her in for fluoroscopic guided bilateral sacroiliac joint injections with myself or Dr. at her convenience. She will schedule that with the practice after authorization.

She is in agreement with this plan and we will see her at intervention or sooner if needed.


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