The patient presents to the clinic today desiring ALCAT testing. She has a history of hypothyroidism. She is taking Synthroid for this. She has a history of chronic sinusitis, sinus problems, and otitis media in the right side. She has gas and bloating associated with meals. She also has had weight fluctuations binge eating, water retention and food cravings. She has a chronic history of anxiety. She is taking Klonopin for anxiety and insomnia. With the Synthroid medication, she has lot of restlessness and irritability associated with treatment. She has a history of gestational diabetes. She also has diffuse muscle joint pain particularly on the right side in the right neck, upper back, scapular area, lower back and right buttock as well as down the right extremity.

Chronic otitis media.
Gas and bloating.

I have recommended comprehensive platinum ALCAT testing. We will do the venous function today and send the blood for to the lab and we will follow up in two weeks with nutritionist for discussion of result and development of a dietary plan. She will continue Synthroid and Klonopin with her family medical doctor.


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